Mini Course – iPhone Face ID Repair Course


All about Face ID You Want to Know


  • Anyone who is interested in mobile phone repair


This face ID repair course inludes the workflow of face id parts and chips, the repair process of face ID about earpiece speaker flex, dot projector flex and infrared camera.

* 10 Video and PDF lessons guide you step by step to understand the workflow and troubleshooting of Face ID;

* 60 Minutes Tell You how does the Face ID work and how to repair Face ID within 60 minutes.


* Face ID workflow and troubleshooting reference process

* Small tips of checking face ID

* Face ID Repair-Earspeaker Flex Repair Reference Process

* Jail Break steps with replacing earspeaker

* Face ID Repair – Jail Break with replacing earspeaker flex

* Face ID-Dot Projector Repair Reference Process

* Fast tutorial of repair dot projector

* Face ID dot projector repair

* Face ID IR camera flex replacement

* Face ID Repair – Wire Jumping

* Face ID Repair – Motherboard issues

Relying on the ten years of industry experience and a professional technical team, REWA has developed a series of industry-leading and practical iPhone repair training courses. Combining teaching experiences at home and abroad and feedback from trainees, our curriculum system is designed to take trainees into the electronic repair world step by step with the help of our online and offline courses. So that our trainees can master necessary technical skills like the workflow of components, fault-finding analysis, repair solutions, the usage of repair tools, etc.. and become a qualified repair technician.

REWA Academy, help you to open the door to Phone Repair.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in mobile phone repair

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