Modern Three.js for Real Websites


Learn to develop a premium quality, 3D portfolio site that’ll put you leagues ahead of your competition


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge, you should be familiar with let, const, loops, arrays, functions, and classes


PLEASE READ: This is a freemium course—the first 2 1/2 hours are free (you can watch right here on Udemy [or YouTube] with each video’s “Preview” button), while the remaining 2 1/2 hours require course purchase. I’ve always been a big advocate of spreading the basics to as many people as possible, as I believe knowledge and personal growth are some of the best ways to better our world as a whole. Enjoy.

Welcome to the Modern Three.js for Real Websites course, where you will learn how to develop a premium quality, 3D portfolio site that’ll put you leagues ahead of your competition.

My name is Christopher Lis, and I’m an award winning Full-Stack Engineer with over ten years of web development experience. I’ve directly worked with clients like Harvard University, The Basketball Tournament, and premium award winning agencies like Brave People.

The number one goal of this course is to get you developing real-world, actual Three.js websites without feeling lost or frustrated. The Three.js library consists of many complex terms that absolutely flustered me when I first started learning it, so I made this course to demystify that lingo and guide you through the development of something you can actually use in a real-world scenario.

Here you’ll learn everything from:

– Three.js installation

– Scene setup

– Programmatic geometry alterations

– 3D hover effects

– GUIs

– HTML and Three.js Integration

– Scene responsiveness

– Single page app integration

– Deployment

And so much more.

If you’re a JavaScript developer who needs Three.js for their next client project, or you’re looking to enhance your portfolio site to obtain a better job, then this course is absolutely for you. You won’t feel lost, you won’t feel alone, you’ll feel confident and secure when developing premium-level 3D sites for you and your team.

Who this course is for:

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