Music Appreciation (for non-musicians)


Intro To Classical Music Appreciation


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Welcome to a unique approach to appreciating music. It is unique in the sense that no attempt will be made to explain music theory. We won’t dive into methods or techniques which are relevant for the aspiring musician but not necessarily for the voracious listener.

It is with such listeners in mind that this course helps to enrich the experience and the depth that is possible through education.

This course will take you through the thought process that a composer and a performer takes when approaching a new piece of music.

Imagine being able to get the insight of a master without needing to have any prior experience or training with the subject of interest.

Think: Richard Dawkins with his book ”The Selfish Gene” how he took a complex scientific concept and explained it in a manner everyone could grasp.

This is the essence of this course. No previous knowledge is necessary. Yet, should you know a bit about classical music, or even be a musician yourself, you can certainly benefit from the inspiration and creative approach this course offers.

In this course, we will begin our quest to understand a way of listening to classical music with Frédéric Chopin’s Fantasy in F Minor. We will use the tool of storytelling to navigate our way through and will then be put to the test with a piano concert performance of the piece!

It is with the greatest anticipation that I invite you on this journey of discovery and look forward to what we find!

Who this course is for:

  • Adventurous seekers wishing to expand their palette for digesting new music.

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