Nagios XI Network Monitoring: Setup & Overview for Beginners


Learn how to setup and configure Nagios XI monitoring for core services on your organisation’s network


  • To be an IT professional with at least 1 year of experience within the IT industry


Over this course, we’ll be covering some of the basics surrounding Nagios XI.  Some of the topics covered on this course are as follows:

* An overview of Nagios XI and the features it contains

* Setting up different types of new user account, these being admin and user

* Setting up new alerts for hosts and services on your organisation’s network

* Viewing the status of configured hosts and services and acknowledging any alerts that appear on the console

* Scheduling downtime so that alerts don’t send emails out unnecessarily

* Setting up alerts with the auto discovery feature contained within Nagios XI

* An overview of the different data views that are available and what they are used for

Also covered on this course is an overview of the Admin settings menu, which due to it’s size is split into 3 lectures, all of which are located at the end of the course.

Please note that this course is aimed at beginners, meaning that you would be part of a larger IT team where the server admins are taking care of any backups and patching, as tasks such as backing up virtual machines on hypervisors are beyond the scope of the course, but are vital to an organisation’s network.

Who this course is for:

  • IT professionals that wish to learn more about Nagios XI

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