NextJS Course For React Developers (2023)


Learn NextJS from scratch to advanced. Apply React Knowledge to NextJS


  • Basic ReactJS Knowledge is Required
  • No NextJS Knowledge Required


Welcome to this course, you are making the right decision to enroll in this course.

This course is designed for React Developers, who want to enhance their skills to the next level by learning NextJS. A React framework for production-level apps.

NextJS: Next.js is an open-source web development framework built on top of Node.js enabling React-based web application functionalities such as server-side rendering and generating static websites.

Here you will learn the Main techniques of NextJS without wasting any time by going through installations of VSCode, browse, NodeJS and refreshing React, etc.

File-Based Routing:

  • Routing in NextJS
  • Dynamic Routing
  • [id] pages
  • Slug Routing (Long Routes)
  • Nested Routes
  • Deep understanding of Routing
  • Getting Values of URL Params

Pages Pre Rendering and Data Fetching:

  • About Pre Rendering
  • Static Site Generation ( SSG )
  • getStaticProps ( Deep Understanding )
  • getStaticPaths ( Deep Understanding )
  • Incremental Static Generation ( ISG )
  • Server Side Rendering ( SSR )
  • All Compiled Project

API Routing and Full Stack NextJS App

  • API Routing
  • Creating APIs in React
  • Creating GET, POST APIs in NextJS
  • Calling APIs
  • Using React to fetch APIs
  • Storing Data in JSON Files with File System ( File System )
  • Connecting to Real Database ( MongoDB )
  • Storing and Retrieving Data From MongoDB Cloud Database


So that’s all about description, let’s start the journey towards this course. Don’t waste your time, it’s more important than anything.

Who this course is for:

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