Nginx 2023- Beginner to Advanced


Beginners Guide to master the HTTP Protocol and NGINX


  • This course is designed from absolute scratch for beginners.
  • Computer with minimum 2GB RAM.
  • Internet Connection to Download NGINX packages.


Nginx 2022- Beginner to Advanced is a course specifically designed for beginners who intends to master Nginx.

Nginx is one of the most popular HTTP Server which powers most of the top Enterprise websites like Netflix, Dropbox, WordPress, GitHub, Discovery, and many others. Most small to medium organizations are also using Nginx due to its capability to handle the large traffic loads at scale.

Mastering Nginx requires a solid base foundation into the HTTP Protocol. As this course starts from absolute scratch, we first start our journey learning about the HTTP protocol in detail. Once the HTTP Protocol is well understood, we begin our journey learning in detail about Nginx and its architecture in great detail.

Nginx is not limited to HTTP web-server, it provides a wide range of features, including Load Balancing, Caching Subsystems, Access Control, Cryptographic Modules, and various others. We discuss these features in great detail throughout this course.

With a beginner-friendly course, tons of practicals, easy-to-understand videos, and great Support from our Instructor in case of doubts, this course is all you need to build a solid foundation in Nginx.

Individuals, post completing this course, will have a solid understanding of Nginx and its associated features. They will be able to both deploy as well as manage Nginx in production environments.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students / professionals who would love to master NGINX

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