Oracle APEX Advanced Course – Learn JavaScript (2023)


Customize your Oracle APEX Applications easily by the Out Of The Box provided JavaScript APEX APIs.


  • A standard web browser like Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera / Edge / Safari
  • Basic knowledge of Oracle APEX on how to create web application with low code
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript, especially on ES6 variable and function declaration
  • You don’t need to be a Oracle APEX or JavaScript expert to succeed in this course!


Oracle APEX is known for developing low-code enterprise applications.

But customization is something that might be needed with an additional code to work on the outputs we want.

So, JavaScript is the one that helps Oracle APEX as it is the front-end language in which Oracle APEX runs on and it is very important to know the Oracle APEX provided JavaScript APIs. Hence it is necessary when it comes to customizing the component.

In this course, you will be learning JavaScript, starting from the basics and how it works in APEX Page Designer.

You will also learn how to refresh the data without reloading the page using AJAX Callback.

You will get to know the importance of AJAX Callback as part of Full-Stack Programming.

You will learn how to open a Modal Dialog with dynamic data using JavaScript.

Oracle APEX has Dynamic Actions as part of handling the events happening on Front-end. Hence learning and implementing in JavaScript has become a must here.

You will learn about various events in Dynamic Actions and also how to create a custom event.

You will get to know how to write JavaScript logic and avoid Dynamic Actions if necessary.

Finally, when it comes to front-end again, one of the real-time application of Oracle APEX is the Interactive Grid where we have the option to do more customization.

You will learn about adding new toolbars to the Interactive Grid.

You will learn about the concept behind Interactive Grid toolbars which help you to understand how JavaScript really works in Oracle APEX.

This will lead you to learn more Oracle APEX OOTB JavaScript APIs which we will be covering some of the most used ones in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers/Analyst looking to add more customization on their Oracle APEX JavaScript
  • Developers willing to learn APEX JavaScript APIs
  • Developers looking to grab the front-end knowledge in Oracle APEX
  • Analyst willing to produce a functional analysis to meet their customer requirements

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