Palo Alto PCSAE Certification Course


Security Automation and Orchestration Palo Alto Networks


  • Basic understanding of SOAR and Palo Alto products


Cortex XSOAR is Palo Alto Networks Security Automation and Orchestration platform, in this course we go through everything that you need to pass the PCSAE certification that was recently introduced by Palo Alto to evaluate the ability of engineers installing this ever increasingly popular technology.

The course covers the entire syllabus from the design and installation of the platform through distributed deployments, updating and installing integrations to allow you to work with 3rd party vendors, debugging of scripts using Python, Java and Powershell.

Maximise security by learning how to deploy remote engine agents to allow the XSOAR platform to retrieve logs and execute commands in environments that have no external inbound connectivity.

React to events and use the built in secure messaging platform in the “war room” to provide collaboration between all parties involved in security incidents.

Describe the way information flows through the platform and is ingested to be used as context information to further events, write using the structured query language to make searches more effective and focused.

Export logging and configure backups of the data and how to restore this in the event of and outage.

Implement RBAC controls to customise the experience to the user requirement and the security level of the admin users.

Who this course is for:

  • Security Analysts

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