Python and Elixir Programming Bundle Course


List|Tuple|Set|Strings|Numbers|GUI Tkinter|Decision Making|Loops|Oops|Struct|Protocol|Error Handling|Process|Sigils|Lib


  • This course caters to beginner, intermediate level. Student needs to be familiar with at least one programming language.
  • Any prior working knowledge of programming language would help, however it is not must.


Just like other bundle programming language course, this is also one of them. But,one of the things which makes it more quirky is the fusion of the most powerful language PYTHON with a functional programming language ELIXIR. The Erlang VM which is more towards handling concurrent problems, whereas Python to tackle operations like data processing and scientific calculations.

Python with Elixir, the fusion is the solution of complex problems to handle it more efficiently than any other programming languages.

Erlang VM allows interoperability to integrate other programming language. In this learning path, you’ll learn about both the programming language as well as how to integrate together to get  craved results.

ErlPort, library of Elixir programming language will be used to work with Python.

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As you’ll familiar the popularity of Python in the world of machine learning, data science and cognitive computing. In this course, it will first cover the foundational base required for any novice python developer or anyone who wants to switch language. So if you already have expertise in python foundational concepts to may skip the first section of the course. Then you’ll learn and practice other important modules of Python like Object oriented programming concepts, file handling, GUI development with Tkinter and so on.

Over it, you’ll learn about Erlang and Elixir programming language with foundational concepts, and then step by step will cover advanced topics of the language.

Hope this course helps you out to develop a more efficient application which can handle the massive workload and perform operations to solve complex problems with optimal algorithms of ML.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who have desire to learn new language

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