Python PCEP: Become Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer


Learn Python from scratch and pass the PCEP exam (Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer)


  • A computer with Internet access
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Willingness to learn πŸ™‚


Welcome! My name’s Adrian and I’m a professional Software Developer. If you’ve never written code before and want to try programming for yourself, then you’ve just found an excellent course for that!

According to statistics, Python is in the top 3 programming languages all around the world. It is much easier and quicker to learn that most other languages. At the same time, it’s extremely popular among software developers, data analysts and other IT professions. All of this makes it an excellent choice for your first programming language.


In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Python 3 and you’ll get prepared for the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer exam (PCEP). You don’t need any programming experience. I’ll show you how to install Python and start writing code from scratch.

In the videos, we dive straight into the code to get you started as quickly as possible. You’ll get a chance to code along with me for the best learning experience. You’ll also get to write your own little programs to practice your skills.

There are 4 exam blocks when you sit the PCEP exam. Consequently, this course has 4 main modules, each one focusing on a different exam block. At the end of each module, you’ll have a chance to solve an exam quiz to check your skills.

This course also comes with a mock PCEP exam at the very end. It will have the same format as your actual exam, with the same passing grade and time limit. It will show you what kinds of questions you can expect.

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β€’ concise β€“ the short video lectures focus on the most important aspects: there are just 4 hours of videos to get you started ASAP

β€’ based on practice β€“ instead of useless academic theory, you learn the best developing practices drawn from my work experience,

β€’ reasonably priced β€“ compared to stationary developer bootcamps, the course is much cheaper, so you save not only time but also money,

β€’ available anywhere, anytime β€“ the online form lets you run the course in the most convenient place (at home, work or in a cafΓ©) and time (while commuting by metro or relaxing at home after work), so you can adjust it to your agenda,

β€’ accessible on desktop, mobile and TV β€“ you can display my lectures on the device of your choice, so you don’t have to stick to your PC,

β€’ certificate of completion β€“ after completing the course, you will receive a printable certificate that will make your resume more attractive.

Intro video music courtesy of Bensound

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with no programming experience
  • Wanna-be software developers and data analysts
  • People who need the minimum of Python for Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Beginner programmers who want to pass PCEP-30-01 or PCEP-30-02

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