Python PDF Handling from Beginner to Winner 2023

Learn How to Learn and Take the Best Out of Python to Control PDFs


Learn How to Learn and Take the Best Out of Python to Control PDFs


  • Basic Knowledge about Python
  • You need Python 3.8.x or later
  • Visual Studio Code (Recommended)
  • Visual Studio Code “Python from Microsoft” and “Pylance from Microsoft” extensions
  • Eager to learn


Welcome to Python PDF Handling from Beginner to Winner! A great course on Manipulating PDF files!

Together we will learn, explore and have fun taking the most out of Python and several Python Modules to read/modify PDF documents.

Each session will be composed by several challenges that we will solve by exploring the available documentation, reading Python Modules source code and also debugging. By the end you will be able to unravel from situations where you cannot find help anywhere else! Sounds good right?

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After taking the first session you will know how to:

  • Get the total number of pages of a PDF document;
  • Get its metadata, author, title, table of content;
  • Extract text from a PDF file and write it into a txt file;
  • Extract images from a PDF file and save it into a png file;
  • Read hyperlinks from a PDF document;
  • Take snapshots from pages and save them as png files;
  • Change pages paper size from A4 portrait, A4 landscape, and others;
  • Rotate the pages from a PDF file;
  • Split odd from even pages so it would be easier to print them;
  • Join together pages from several PDF files into a new PDF document;
  • Change pages visible area, crop the pages;
  • And add watermarks to PDF pages.

Sounds already fun right?

Do you know that we can have input forms in a PDF file? And that we can add JavaScript functionalities to a PDF file? Yeah we will do that too!

Join with me to this great challenge that is learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Python dev Beginner/Intermediate who wants to automate processing of PDF documents
  • Anyone interested in editing PDF files programmatically
  • Everyone who wants to do more with less

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