React Next.js – Cookie Based Secure Authentication System


Learn to build secure production ready react apps with cookie based authentication system instead of using local storage


  • Previous experience with the basics of reactjs


All great apps requires secure and performant authentication system before going live. There is a lot of discussion about the insecurities associated with saving JWT tokens in local storage for authentication purpose.

Generally cookies are considered much better solutions when it comes to building secure authentication. HTTP only cookies are not accessible to JavaScript in browser unlike local storage. Your server will issue http only cookie to the client (browser) and it will include cookie in it’s headers each time a request is sent to its origin server. So your server will have control over the cookie it issues.

With the help of some npm libraries, we will also be able to protect ourself from CSRF (cross site request forgery) attacks which are generally associated with cookie based authentication.

By the end of this course not only you will have build a production ready fast and secure authentication system, but also have a solid boilerplate project that can be used a base starter kit for all your future projects. This way you save a lot of time and headache of setting up the base project with login, registration, authentication, protected pages etc

So if you have been concerned about the security of your apps, this course is your ultimate solution.

Who this course is for:

  • Any react node or MERN stack developer looking to build production ready authentication system using cookies
  • Anyone looking to build a auth ready boilerplate project that can be used as a base for future projects

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