React Project for Beginners: Building a Todo List App


The perfect course for React beginners! Apply React concepts to a real-world project while building a todo list app!


  • HTML, CSS, and JS are prerequisites for this course. Knowledge about the basics of React is preferred but don’t worry, we’ll revise everything.


This course will guide you on how to start a React project from scratch. We will cover everything from planning and designing the project to coding it out using HTML, CSS, and React from scratch.

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While making our todo list, we will cover the following topics:

  1. How to use CodeSandbox for faster development
  2. How to structure a React project
  3. How to create functional components
  4. How to add state using useState
  5. How to use props and pass props across multiple levels
  6. How to reuse components and its benefits
  7. How to create nested components

After taking this course, you will have a good understanding of how to create a React project from scratch and how different React concepts can be applied in real-life projects. By the end you’ll also have a todo list application which you can show off to your friends!

This course is perfect if you want to get started with React or have watched a few tutorials and want to understand how to apply the concepts you’ve learnt into an actual project.

This course also includes a class project which you can complete once you are done with the course. This will help strengthen your concepts and you can share what you have made with the community!

Who this course is for:

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