ReactJS with Supabase build a full-stack website


Build a full-stack website using React and Supabase


  • JavaScript
  • An overview of React development
  • No previous understanding of Supabase required


In This course you will learn how to Build a full-stack website using React and Supabase, and deploy it on the web using Vercel,

we will build a Blog using react and connect it with Supabase.

we will use React library to help us improve the website. be ready to discover Supabase and the services that can boost your development process, and get a good Knowledge of how to connect your backend with your front-end code.

I will be happy to answer any questions you need while taking this course.

We will cover in this course:

– Create React app and set up the app structure.

– Create a Supabase account and creating a database

– Connecting Supabase with React using Supabase library 

– Convert HTML -CSS JavaScript to ReactJS

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– Using ( useState – useEffect – useContext .. ) on ReactJs

– Using Supabase services ( Database – Storage – Api …)

– Using React Router to route between pages and pass data.

– Creating add post page and inserting it to supabase table

– Crating bucket to store the Image and adding Police inside Supabase with a public URL.

– Deploy your app

… and more

Who this course is for:

  • developers.
  • Anyone who is creating dynamic websites.
  • Those working in React, Supabse who want to learn and develop their skills.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to develope a full stack website using React and Supabase
  • Anyone who wants to get a deep knowledge of how to connect React with Supabase

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