SEO Interview Preparation (Question, Answer, Test, Practice)


Prepare for SEO Job Interview, answer any question. Impress your Interviewer. Practice, Get Better and Get the Job.


  • no requirements, little knowledge of SEO is good to have.


Did you get call for that SEO job interview that you want? or you are still trying to land an interview? Why not prepare for that interview so you can get that SEO job?

This training is built through my SEO experience working at different companies including Fortune 500 clients.

While experience and knowledge plays a role, before the interview I had to practice for the interviews and this got me enormous knowledge into what recruiters ask, what are their top priorities, how they induct talent like you and how to answer each question; not necessarily technical, but also cultural, behavioural to make your self more likeable.

I have also conducted SEO interviews myself before hiring one of the best employees and colleagues at the company.

This interview will prepare you for any and all SEO interview whether you are a complete beginner into SEO or have experience; there’s something for someone at all levels so you will technical and non-technical info very useful.

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What will you learn in this training?

  1. How to answer interview questions
  2. What do recruiter ask?
  3. What is the best way to answer
  4. What is the best answer
  5. What to do if you get stuck?
  6. Is it necessary to ask about salary?
  7. Have you ever made any mistake. How would you answer?

You will learn through:

  1. Sample Question
  2. Sample Answer
  3. Options Available
  4. Types of Question
  5. Situational Analysis

You will get answer and practice for questions like:

  1. What is on page SEO
  2. How would you resolve SEO that has gone bad and make it good?
  3. What is the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO?
  4. Tell me about yourself
  5. What is your best project
  6. What would you do if you are given a project with or without supervision

Who this course is for:

  • Got SEO Interview Call
  • Will get SEO interview soon
  • Applying on SEO jobs with good response
  • SEO Beginner
  • SEO Expert
  • Knows very little about SEO

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