Step by step hands-on design of UART using Verilog HDL


Understanding of UART modules and designing UART using Verilog HDL programming


  • Verilog HDL programming
  • Basic Digital Design


UART Design and Simulation using Verilog HDL course is a well structured and clear understanding and without any confusion about UART protocol and it gives Fundamentals of UART  and importance of Serial communication like how it is advantage over parallel communication. Understanding of UART functionality and internal modules and how transfer operation takes place in UART.

This course gives clear picture on functionality of UART and how transmission and reception takes place in UART and data format of UART.

This Course shows the design of UART internal modules like Transmitter and Receiver using Finite State Machine. And gives clear understanding how baud rate generator is using in UART.

In this course, students will understand how the test bench environment for any design and development.

And also course make you to understand how to write verilog HDL program for UART modules like Transmitter and Receiver and Baud rate generator.

Finally gives complete hands on writing of Verilog HDL program for UART with state machine variables.

This course also gives how to write Test bench environment for UART modules. and how test points can select in the design and transfer to test bench and validating the design.

And in this course  verification and running the simulation of designs and investigate errors and how to analyze output waveforms.

Who this course is for:

  • Under graduate Electronics and communication students
  • Graduate students planning to do their projects
  • Working people on VLSI design developers

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