SwiftUI – The Complete iOS 16 Developers Resource and Bible


The iOS 16 SwiftUI Framework, Explained! – From the Blockbuster Best Seller “SwiftUI For Masterminds” by JD Gauchat


  • No experience is necessary – the course teaches the Swift language from the beginning


This course has been written and recorded with the latest iOS 16 release!

Welcome to “SwiftUI – The Complete iOS 16 Developers Resource and Bible, the definitive guide to to learning everything SwiftUI.

This is a SwiftUI Reference Course / Cookbook  / and Set of Documentation, for everything SwiftUI. There are hundreds of downloadable examples / video instruction / and projects here so you can get the code you need and add it directly into your projects / create your own SwiftUI docs, or add this to your own existing SwiftUI docs.

My name is Steve DeStefano, i am a SwiftUI developer, and working together with the brilliant programmer J.D. Gauchat, I have turned his best selling book “SwiftUI for Masterminds the iOS 16 edition” into this complete developers resource course.

And this course is different than other courses, in that we don’t just scratch the surface, or build a few simple apps… in here, I give you the SwiftUI framework, explained.

All the instruction, all the downloadable examples, and all the tools that you need to build your own insanely cool apps, without any wasted time or chatter. I am strictly on point reading from the book, typing the code, and explaining how it all works. I use labels, graphics, animations, and other callouts to help draw your attention to the flow of the code.

You get the step by step instruction for each technology in the SwiftUI framework, and see how to use the different views, initializers, methods, and modifiers that are available for each of those technologies.

Also included in the course is the code file for every lecture, so you can download it and use in your apps right away, all built with the latest release, and tested to run perfectly. This is a huge library of code, hundreds of examples highlighting the SwiftUI Framework, neatly categorized for easy look up and reference, so you have everything you need to create your own stunning apps to submit to the App Store.

No more fumbling through Apple’s convoluted docs for hours trying to find the code you need, or wasting time looking on Stack Overflow, your getting all the instruction and code you need…you just need the idea for the app, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re new to Swift, no problem, there is a language section in the beginning of the course that will walk you through the Swift Language and get you up to speed, fast.

If you’re an experienced programmer, this course will be your go to resource, because it is a huge data base of instruction and downloadable code thats perfect to add to your own set SwiftUI docs…its similar to a cookbook of code but with very detailed instruction.

Here are some of the topics covered:

App Development • Swift Language (complete language) • Protocols • Frameworks • User Interface • View Protocol • Opaque Types • Text • Modifiers • Color View • Image View • Event Modifiers • Custom Modifiers • Layout • Safe Area • Priorities • Alignment Guides • Groups •  Custom Views • Previews • Regex Framework • Grids • Preview Modifiers • Environment • Property Wrappers • @State • @Binding • @Environment • @AppStorage • Model • Observable • @EnvironmentObject • View Model • Combine Framework • Publishers • Subscribers • Transforming values • Operators • Subjects • Controls Button View • TextField View • SecureField View • Toggle View • Slider View • Stepper View • Navigation View • NavigationLink View • TabView View • Sheets • Popovers • Alert Views • Action Sheets • Split Views • Custom Navigation • Size Classes • Orientation • GeometryReader View• Preferences • Mac Catalyst • Conditional Code • Menu • Multiple Windows Support • Lists • ForEach View • ScrollView  • List View • Sections Edition Mode • Custom Buttons • Search • Picker View • DatePicker View • Forms • Shapes • Charts • Gradients • Images • Paths • Custom Shapes Transformations • Animations • Hit Testing • Transitions • Gesture • Notification Center • System Notifications • User Notifications • Provisional Notifications • User Defaults • File Manager • URLS and Paths • Files and Directories • Bundle • Archiving • Encoding and Decoding • JSON • Core Data • Core Data Model • Core Data Stack • Sort Descriptors • iCloud • Testing Devices • Key Value Storage • @AppStorage • UIKit Integration • Web  • Safari View Controller • MapKit • Camera • Photo Library • Custom Camera • AviKit FrameWork • Custom Video Player • Collection View • Apple Developer Program • Publishing to the App Store • Certificates, Provisioning Profiles, Identifiers • App Store Connect • Swift Language .•  And much more.

So come code along with JD and myself, working with an incredibly cool and insane set of design tools, and learn everything you need to know about the SwiftUI Framework, and how to implement and leverage all of its great new technologies.

This course has been written and recorded with the latest iOS 16 release!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS developers through intermediate and advanced

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