Tableau Course For Beginner


Tableau Booster Base


  • Students should be Intermediate or undergraduates or graduates and should have basic understanding of mathematics.



This course is designed specifically for freshers and also for those who want to switch career from Excel to Tableau . Basics Booster  + charts.

Tableau is a leading data visualization tool used for data analysis and business intelligence. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant classified Tableau as a leader for analytics and business intelligence.

Advantages of Tableau

  • Data visualization.
  • Quickly Create Interactive visualizations.
  • Ease of Implementation.
  • Tableau can handle large amounts of data.
  • Use of other scripting languages in Tableau.
  • Mobile Support and Responsive Dashboard.
  • Tableau Company Strategy.
  • Scheduling or notification of reports.


  • Excel becomes slow or crashes when you have lots of data, formatting and Charts inside a workbook.
  • Mistakenly working on the wrong file you saved.
  • It’s so annoying to email multiple Excel files to the same people everyday.
  • It takes hours to create a dashboard with multiple charts and formula functions.
  • Some time Excel files are used to store the large amount data which is a very wrong decision because to update the data everyday on that file is a headache because it takes so much time to get open and then to get save.

Note : Excel is also an Excellent Application. Yes Excel has some draw backs but it doesn’t means its useless. Excel is also the Excellent tool to visualize and analyze the data.

Section 1:Introduction

Lecture 1:Introduction

(Preview enabled)

Lecture 2:Download

Lecture 3:Install

Lecture 4:Connect with Database

Lecture 5:Tableau Live & Extract

Lecture 6:View tables

Lecture 7:Data Types

Lecture 8:Tableau Work Sheet Interface

Lecture 9:Data Types Symbol

(Preview enabled)

Lecture 10:Adding new Sheet

Lecture 11:Product Category & Sales

Lecture 12:Dimension & Measures

Lecture 13:Grouping

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Lecture 14:Granularity

Lecture 15:Table into chart form

Lecture 16:Filtering

Lecture 17:Date Filter

Section 2:Chart

Lecture 18:Create a Chart

Lecture 19:Line Chart

Lecture 20:Bar Chart

Lecture 21:Pie Chart

Lecture 22:Tree map

Lecture 23:Stacked Tree Map

Lecture 24:Bar Chart Color Measure

Lecture 25:Bar Chart size Measure

Lecture 26:Bar Chart Size and color Measure

Lecture 27:Bar Chart with dual axis

Lecture 28:Bar Stacked Part1

Lecture 29:Bar Stacked Part2

Lecture 30:Heat Map1

Lecture 31:Heat Map2

Lecture 32:Heat Map3

Lecture 33:Heat Map4

Lecture 34:Scattered chart

Lecture 35:Line Chart Dual Axis

Lecture 36:Line Char Size Measure

Lecture 37:Line Chart multidimension and measures

Who this course is for:

  • For absolute Beginners & Freshers

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