The Beginning of the ReactJS Race: Beginner’s Lap


Today is the day to begin your journey toward becoming an accomplished ReactJS developer.


The Beginning of the ReactJS Race: Beginner’s Lap

  • JavaScript’s Foundations
  • HTML Foundations
  • No previous experience with ReactJS?


You will begin using ReactJS from scratch in this course and learn by doing.

We’ll start by creating a simple game of tic-tac-toe, and as we go along, we’ll learn the following ideas:

-Combine ReactJS with the current project.


-A functional element

Component of a class



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-State lifting up

Listeners to events

-Keys and lists


Controlled element

After each section you find a quiz to mention the most important points in the Multiple choices form. It’s not for testing but it’s another way to illuminate the main keys of each section.

No prior knowledge is needed with ReactJS. All you need is a PC with the OS you preferred, basic knowledge of HTML, and basic knowledge of JavaScript.

You will find starter files with HTML and CSS ready to go. We will manipulate on HTML only and the CSS file won’t be touched but it’s there for scientific curiosity only; that means you don’t need to know anything about CSS.

This course was designed with the latest techniques in teaching and with the most modern presentation methods. Fonts, colors, and design factors were used carefully to deliver the data uniquely and memorably.

ReactJS journey won’t stop here, with your support I will continue the journey and cover all intermediate, advanced, and testing concepts in future chapters. Stay tuned!

Who this course is for:

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