Three key black box testing techniques


Freshly published in 2023. Improve your skills in equivalence partitioning, boundary values and decision table testing


  • Basic knowledge in software testing
  • ability to read the system requirements


This course will help you to improve your expertise in three most common software testing techniques. The course will also help you to prepare for ISTQB exams. It actually focuses on a specific part from the syllabus. The most important value from the course is the practical one.

It might be a bit difficult for the absolute beginners in the software testing area, but it can improve the competence of existing testers / QAs or developers creating tests for their code.

So often one can see the automated tests (e.g. unit tests, API tests) or manual tests are either not using distinct techniques or not applying the techniques properly thus losing the quality of the tests, not reaching the desired level of test coverage. This course will fill the gap – you will be confident about the main testing techniques, the rationale behind each test case. Understanding the testing methods also helps you in test planning – the number of tests required, to estimate the resources etc.

The techniques help both classical and modern / agile testers – most of the principles can be applied also during the reviews of requirements, usage scenarios or risk evaluations.

Every technique in this course is explained in detail. For each technique several examples are given, as author believes that this is one of the best ways of learning.

The knowledge here is applicable in a tool-neutral manner. Thus, it will work for you independently whether you are using TestComplete, Katalan Studio, Selenium or Appium.

This course will help you to achieve the following goals:

  • Be able to rationally select the most appropriate test technique;
  • Being able to integrate the appropriate test coverage into the automated tests;
  • Under circumstances of limited time and resources to select the most important test cases.

Who this course is for:

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