Ultimate Tableau Desktop Course: Beginner to Advanced Bundle

Master Tableau Desktop and advance your data analysis career with this Beginner to Advanced course


Master Tableau Desktop and advance your data analysis career with this Beginner to Advanced course


  • Access to Tableau Desktop is beneficial
  • No Tableau or programming experience needed. This course is suitable for all levels


**This course bundle includes downloadable course instructor and exercise files to work with and follow along.**

Conquer Tableau Desktop with this great value 2-course training bundle for beginner to advanced users from Simon Sez IT!

Move at your own pace as you learn how to navigate Tableau, connect to data sources, and create interactive charts and dashboards. We’ll cover everything from understanding business intelligence and basic data concepts to applying your own calculations, expressions, and functions in Tableau.

We will also cover a handful of advanced Tableau topics, starting with a section on parameters and use cases and moving on to Level of Detail (LOD) expressions, spatial functions, advanced filters, and table calculations.

Learn to build sophisticated visualizations and dashboards using Sankey diagrams, geospatial charts, sunburst charts, and circular charts, among others, and even animate your visualizations.

This Tableau bundle is designed for students of all levels and is suitable for those brand new to Tableau or learners transitioning from Excel to Tableau. The advanced section is designed for those who already have a good foundation in Tableau and are seeking to improve their skills.

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This is a video-led training course suitable for Windows or Mac users and features Tableau Desktop.

What’s included?

Tableau for Beginners

  • What Tableau is and the product suite
  • What business intelligence is
  • The Tableau interface and its major functions
  • Which data structures are suitable for Tableau
  • How Tableau reads and categorizes data
  • Different data concepts and theory
  • How to connect and manage data sources in Tableau
  • How to navigate the Tableau workspace
  • How to build a view and different chart types in Tableau
  • How to create a dashboard in Tableau
  • How to publish and share a workbook
  • How to use calculated fields in Tableau
  • How to use numeric, string, conditional, and analytical expressions/functions in Tableau

Tableau Advanced

  • Parameters and sample use cases
  • Level of Detail (LOD) expressions
  • Working with groups and sets
  • Use of spatial functions
  • Advanced filters
  • Table calculations
  • How to add interactivity using actions
  • Animating your visualizations
  • Advanced Tableau charts—circular, sunburst, bump, funnel, candlestick, and Sankey charts
  • Building geospatial dashboards and sales dashboards
  • Creating dashboards that utilize radial charts.

This course bundle includes:

  1. 11+ hours of video tutorials
  2. 61 individual video lectures
  3. Course and exercise files to follow along
  4. Certificate of completion

Who this course is for:

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