Vampire Facials (Platelet Rich Plasma)


Including phlebotomy and blood processing skills


  • This course is designed for existing beauty therapists and aestheticians who wish to enhance their scope of practice and earning potential in this clinical field.
  • It is also suitable for medically qualified personnel who wish to gain knowledge and understanding in this field.


In this course, the candidate will learn to be a safe, competent, reflective, accountable, and autonomous clinical practitioner in the field of Vampire Facials. This is an advanced facial and skin care technique that jump-starts the skin’s natural regenerative processes, resulting in a more youthful, tighter skin, perfecting both tone and texture using the body’s own natural rejuvenative processes.

This treatment was made very popular by famous people such as Kin Kardashian. Keira Maguire. Gwyneth Paltrow. Rupert Everett. Bar Rafaeli. Now you can bring it to your clients.

The course assumes a certain level of pre-requisite knowledge and skill in health, beauty, or aesthetics. If you decide to practice professionally, you should therefore check that you are able to undertake to provide this service to your clients in your location legally. The course contains lectures on health, safety, hygiene, infection control, applied anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, phlebotomy skills, blood processing skills, microneedling, and goes over essential underpinning knowledge that is applied to clinical practice in contra-indications, special precautions, pharmacology affecting the skin, contra-actions and client management, aftercare etc.

Delivered in 20 lectures with downloadable PDFs.

Lecture 1. Introduction and syllabus.

Lecture 2. Professional phlebotomy & history.

Lecture 3. Professional studies.

Lecture 4. Applied anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system and blood.

Lecture 5. Phlebotomy equipment, supplies.

Lecture 6. Practical phlebotomy routine for PRP.

Lecture 7. What is aesthetic microneedling?

Lecture 8. The history of microneedling.

Lecture 9. Indications for use and application for treatable cosmetic conditions.

Lecture 10. Integration of aesthetic microneedling with other skin care products and procedures.

Lecture 11. Microneedling procedure check list.

Lecture 12. Sharps injury first aid video.

Lecture 13. Hygiene, infection control and full clinical routine for microneedling.

Lecture 14. Consultation and contra-indications.

Lecture 15. Types of equipment. Speed & depth settings.

Lecture 16. Pathophysiology of wound healing.

Lecture 17. Applying knowledge of metal wound healing and stem cells.

Lecture 18. Collagen and collagenesis.

Lecture 19. Aftercare and contra-actions.

Lecture 20. Using a derma roller to apply PPP and PRP. 

Your tutor is a fully qualified Beauty Therapist that also holds medical qualifications and state registration in the UK, and has over 20 years of clinical experience in both private, NHS practice, teaching and research.

The course is delivered with many practical videos and downloadable resources.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is an advanced course aimed at existing beauty therapists, aestheticians and medical practitioners who want to extend their scope of professional practice and increase their income.

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