Webrtc by Projects


This course is a mixte of theory and practice. The only course on internet with Webrtc and Canvas.


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML
  • PC or MAC


This course is a mixte of theory and practice.

This course is designed for beginners and intermediate Webrtc developers and also all who want to know how to use Webrtc with Canvas.

We will build projects step by step to understand all the basics of Webrtc

You will find easy explanations of questions like, what is a MediaStream? how to get this object? what is an RTCPeerConnection object and what are all step of a signaling process.

Also you will understand what is Ice Candidate, why we need STUN and TURN servers and what is ICE mechanism to collect and select the right network candidates to have a peer to peer communication even through NAT Network

In this course we have 3 sections:

– In First section we will create a nodejs server with Socket io (for signaling process) and will show you how to deploy to Heroku using Github

– In section 2, we create the first project, a realtime video communication using Webrtc

– in section 3 : we build our second projects, is a realtime video communication but using canvas, a User will draw with a mousse on a live video and send the contexte of the canvas using Webrtc instead of sending directly the live video from media source

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn or build Webrtc applications.

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