WordPress: Clueless To Professional Web Developer


Go from WordPress Clueless To A Professional WordPress Web Developer


  • Have a Computer
  • Desire To Learn all the Professional WordPress Web Development skills
  • Good Internet Connection


This WordPress course is 7 complete WordPress courses combined and packed into one huge WordPress “Bootcamp” Super course.

Part 1of this WordPress course is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow WORDPRESS AUTOMATION Lecture series that will give you everything you will need to know to automate your WordPress site or your customers WordPress sites.

These skills will save you LONG hours of boring, tedious work.

This step-by-step, 8-part video section takes you by the hand and shows you how to run your WordPress site virtually on autopilot.

Part 2 of this Super Course is the PLUG-IN CREATION section.

This section will teach you the proven process you MUST follow to create a best selling WordPress plug-in.

You will also learn many important things about plug-ins you need to know for building a better and more profitable WordPress site.

Here is part 3 of this Super course……….

Part 3 of this WordPress Super Course is the WORDPRESS ADVANCED section. This section consists of 52 expert WordPress video lectures that cover everything from the very beginning basics of WordPress to the Highly advanced Professional WordPress Web Developer skill levels.

Part 4 of this Super Course is the ELEMENTOR section.

Here some things you will learn in this section….

You will learn how to use Elementor to access thousands of great free elements and templates that you can use with Elementor to build even better sales pages and pages in general.

Learn how to build a million- dollar sales page with Elementor.

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Learn how to to insert a new section with different columns and how to add a section with testimonials to your WordPress sales page.

Learn how to insert a video or other type of elements into your WordPress sales page with Elementor that will add value to your sales pages.

Learn how to add new blocks elements, how to change fonts and things like that with Elementor.

Learn how you can create a thank you page or a download page for your customers with Elementor.

Learn how you can add files to your WordPress Web site without actually having to go into the C panel and then basically how you can link them to any button or download page or banner or whatever you want to use to give it to your customers so that they are able to get their product after they purchase it.

Learn how to use Elementor to build a JV page which is on a fleet page in the case in which you are selling your product or service for affiliates.

Learn how to use Elementor to create different graphics and designs that you can include in your landing pages.

Learn how to use Elementor to create a Coming Soon page for your customers and visitors.

Learn how you can insert specific codes into your landing pages or into any page you will want to create with elementor.

Learn about two add-ons that you can use for elementor to enhance it and make it bigger and better.

Part 5 of this course is the WordPress Gutenberg Editor section In This section you will learn all the features and functions of the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Part 6 of this Super Course is the AFFILIATE section where you will learn how to set up a complete Affiliate system within your WordPress site.

Part 7 of this Super Course is the WORDPRESS PAGE SPEED Section. In this section you will learn very highly advanced ways to keep the loading speed of your WordPress page its maximum. This will greatly increase your page rank on Google and give your visitors a first-class experience.


Who this course is for:

  • Everyone wanting to learn Professional WordPress Web Developer skills
  • Everyone with a desire to learn all the most advanced WordPress skills

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