WordPress Intermediate Skills


If you use WordPress, this course takes you beyond the basics and teaches you skills essential to all WordPress users.


  • You should be able to use WordPress to build a website, and want to learn more.


I have been teaching WordPress for around 15 years and recently asked a group of my students:

“What do you think is missing from most WordPress courses, that YOU feel all WordPress users need to know.” 

This course is the result of that questionnaire.

If you have a working knowledge of WordPress, but want to learn more and become a better website developer, then this course can help. 

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This course does not teach you how to use WordPress.  That much is assumed. 

This course includes more information on :

  1. WordPress files on your server and how to access them with FTP or through cPanel.
  2. Child themes and how to create them.
  3. WordPress pages including parent-child relationships, page templates, template hierarchy, conditional statements, custom page templates and custom post templates.
  4. Why redirects are important and how to use them successfully.
  5. HTTP to HTTPS conversion on web hosts that support Let’s Encrypt.
  6. Improving page load times by optimizing your site,  and checking your site is mobile-friendly.
  7. Design stuff like Themes, Dynamic Widgets, Custom Sidebars, Jump Links, Page Builders & Favicons.
  8. The Media Library and image galleries.
  9. WordPress Users and roles.  Your’ll also learn how to create your own roles.
  10. GDPR and how to ensure you are compliant.
  11. Autoresponders – how they work and why you should use them.
  12. Site Structure – how to create different types of site with WordPress using the tools available within the Dashboard.
  13. CTR & Time on Site, and how to improve these by monitoring and tweaking.
  14. WordPress Problems and how to solve the majority of them quickly and easily.
  15. Staging Sites and how to create them so you can work on a copy of your site and only push updates to the live site when you are ready.
  16. Developer Tools built into Google Chrome (& Firefox) to help examine the code behind your site, and tweak it.

By the end of this course you will have a more complete tool set to create engaging, successful websites using WordPress.

Who this course is for:

  • WordPress users that want to learn more skills relevant to WordPress development.

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