Xamarin Android – A Master Guide to App Development in C#


Complete Xamarin.Android Reference for Building Apps in C#. Threading, Images, Controls, Animations and Much More!


  • A Mac or PC running Xamarin Studio (installation covered in course)



Released End of April 2016 this course contains up to date instructions on creating fantastic Android apps using the latest version of Xamarin 4.0


This course is designed to be the complete reference guide for building apps in Xamarin.Android. I will teach you Android specific concepts and cover most of the code you will ever need! 

Take this course and you will go from beginner to completely proficient. No more translating of Java code to try make your Xamarin Android application work. Now you have all the C# and .Net coding answers contained in this course!


Forget the $2000 fee at Xamarin University, get the same information here for a fraction of the cost!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Make your First Xamarin.Android App
  • Basic UI Elements on Android
  • Advanced UI Elements on Android
  • List Views (scrolling lists)
  • Android resources
  • Activities on Android
  • Activity life cycles (very important)
  • XML drawable graphics
  • Animations
  • Android file system structure
  • Where your app can store files
  • App permissions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Material design themes
  • Creating toolbars
  • Launcher icons (or app icons)


BONUS 1: I give you lots of handy tips and advice in lectures (not included in list above)


BONUS 2: Ask me to create a lecture for anything you want to see in this course. Completely FREE.


Promo music courtesy of Ben Sound.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to C# should ONLY take this course after completing an intro to C# course!
  • Those with coding experience but little Xamarin or Android experience should take this course

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